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Mapping New Meaning

Mapping New MeaningStories from Canada’s Forgotten Explorer

Sarah took on the role of “visual storyteller” with this series, inspired by the creation mythologies and stories so common to many cultures around the world. In her studies, Sarah had read that Canada is lacking mythologies and historically-based stories that would bring us together as a culture. So, she was inspired to create a “creative non-ficiton” series based on the life of Peter Fidler, a cartographer and naturalist who contributed significantly to the Fur Trade era of Canadian history and an ancestral link to her own family.

“This body of work was a type of artistic play for me: exploring the concepts, ideas and passions that continue to shape my work today. It was inspiring to learn more about Canadian history and First Nations culture in the context of a wonderful natural setting. Like any good story,  my understanding and feelings about these concepts and this work continue to evolve and inspire me.”