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“Grain Exchange” lights up the night

Hodgepodge Creative is lighting up the Exchange District!

"Grain Exchange" runs for the month of May

Last night I launched (with the help of my skilled handyman hubby) a brand new installation project at the corner of Waterfront Drive and Bannatyne. The project is part of the Exchange District Biz’s Pop Up Art program and will be displayed here for at least one month.

The images are printed on a new medium to me, a semi-transluscent paper that glows beautifully when backlit, sometimes called Duratran. It’s a material often used in advertising boards, but rarely used in the city to print photos. A big thank you goes out to Chris at PhotoCentral for trying out and perfecting printing on this excitingly different paper. To make the project work, we spent a few weeks perfecting the printing process, then I cut giant “framing mats” out of foamcore, mounted the prints behind, and hung the whole assembly in the windows. It’s lit from behind with a simple worklight, but has an effect far from simple!

The images glow as if lit up by the sun…which I hope makes viewers feel like they’re standing in prairie field. Here’s my complete artist statement for the project:

At the turn of the last century, the Exchange District was known as the centre of North American agricultural trade. Agriculture was indeed responsible for much of Winnipeg’s commercial and architectural boom and in fact, a key reason for the development of our city from the beginning.

These glowing, backlit images were created in fields near Winnipeg and are meant to invoke the sights, smells, and feelings of a sun-soaked rural Manitoba field. I hope to connect the viewer to the farm without actually leaving the city, while also referencing our agricultural roots and metaphorically showing agricultural as the “beacon of light”, so to speak, that it once was to this neighbourhood. 

 Want to see more? Please take a drive or walk by the building, especially at night to get the full effect! These images are also available as fine art prints for a limited time promotional price.

And if you own a business or organization that would like to feature this or similar images next, please let me know.

My images featured at the corner of Waterfront and Bannatyne

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