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Human relationships with nature is a common undercurrent in Sarah’s personal work, and this series showcases her fascination with “working” or industrial spaces in the natural landscape. Drawing inspiration from the work of Edward Burtynsky, Sarah hopes to approach the often controversial topic of human impact on the environment from a neutral ground, searching instead for beauty and the simple art of photography within these working landscapes.

“We all have a complex relationship with nature. By focusing on aesthetically pleasing images in these often over-looked spaces, I hope to move beyond polarizing viewpoints and instead engage the viewer in a discussion about their own relationships with nature. In so many ways, we cannot escape the need to work with and harness nature…but what if we viewed it as symbiosis instead of a battle?”

Sarah’s goal of creating visually pleasing images within the spaces impacted by humans appears in a variety of settings within her larger body of work. Flotsam, in particular, was created at a working wharf on Cape Breton Island.

Many of the images in this collection can be viewed in Sarah’s Portfolio.