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Double Exposure: Impatient Love

This image uses a technique called Double Exposure. It basically means that I shot two images on one piece of film. In this case, it was an image of hosta leaves and an image of a red impatient flower.

I LOVE doing double exposures, because it opens up the creative process for me. I always said “I got into photography because I can’t paint” (which I’m trying to change, with art classes). But some time ago, I realized that a camera is simply a different kind of tool for me; just like a brush, I use it to create a unique interpretation of the world around me. I’m finding that, more and more, my work is reflecting this abstract, emotive approach to photography.

Because I’m never quite sure how a double exposure will look until I’ve developed the film, it also brings an element of serendipity into my work. I particularly love this image because it features two of my favourite colours and my favourite flower (impatients.) The image does make me think of love…but the explosive, super-saturated version of “first love”. The title is a bit of a play on words, referencing the name of the flower, but also a song I love by local roots group Twilight Hotel. You can check out their tune, Impatient Love.

Now, you photo buffs out there may be saying “hold on a minute…why do you shoot double exposures on film? Why not just combine two images in photoshop?” My answer is that I’ve tried, and it simply doesn’t look the same. When working on double exposures in photoshop, I find that I tend to focus way too much on the look of the image…on things like matching up the shapes and lines, rather than focus on the meaning and emotion behind the image. Plus, I find the subtle changes in tone just aren’t the same with digital.

And for all you analogue photo buffs: this was shot on Kodak Ektar 100 film.

Buy this artwork! Double Exposure: Impatient Love is available at the upcoming Art 4 All auction (read more about it) or you can buy it through my online art store.

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