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Concrete Forest

Salter at LoganA Work in Progress…

Sarah’s current project expands on her interest in Canadian culture and identity, which began with “Mapping New Meaning: Canada’s Forgotten Explorer”. Where the former explored aspects of Canadian heritage, this new project studies our modern, urban lifestyle. The Canadian connection to nature is often talked about, yet how does it integrate into our daily, urban, modern lifestyle? Sarah is exploring this concept using a symbol so archetypically Canadian: the tree.

“The tree has become so common in constructed landscapes that we often look past them in our everyday interactions, and instead are more accustomed to consider trees in their “natural” context of the Canadian wilderness. By using the tools inherent in the camera, I hope to visually elevate the status of the trees in these urban scenes while creating new and different ‘landscape’ images that provide a commentary on nature in the quotidian and reflect on what it means to be a contemporary Canadian.”