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Ximbombo CD Release

It’s always really exciting to work with someone who promotes my own artistic vision! I just had the opportunity to bust out the creative juices in a super fun and high energy environment: Casimiro Nhussi’s Release Party for his new album, Ximbombo.

Casimiro and the Nafro Band’s Afro-Funk Fusion always inspires the crowd to move and I found that sense of movement translated into my work. Here are some of my favourite shots from the night. And have a listen to Ximbombo here: http://www.cnhussi.com



Become What You Receive: The Exhibit



UPDATE: If you are unable to attend the event, feel free to explore the photographs here!


On April 29, Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk will showcase a new body of photographic work in a very unique location at All Saints Church (at the corner of Broadway and Osborne). Become What You Receive: The Exhibit, will be shown in a small, intimate prayer chapel adjacent to the main church sanctuary for one weekend only. It features the spaces and faces of Saint Benedict’s Table Anglican church community, but also explores broader Christian themes.

“I feel that the work is an invitation to consider what brings us together, in faith, at Saint Benedict’s Table,” said Hodges-Kolisnyk. “But the show also engages in a much broader dialogue about what it means to come together in worship, reflection, imagination and communion. I hope it resonates with viewers in very different and personal ways.”

The project began in 2014 when Hodges-Kolisnyk created the cover image for the Saint Benedict’s 10th Anniversary commemorative book. Over time, she came to realize that something meaningful was emerging in the photographs and she continued to photograph the church and the community on a regular basis.

All are invited to attend the opening night event or the extended exhibit hours.



7-9 PM, Friday, April 29 2016

Extended viewing hours 1-5 pm Saturday April 30 and Sunday May 1 after the 7pm church service



Small Chapel, All Saints Anglican Church

at the Corner of Broadway and Osborne

Flash Photography 2015


I am excited to be taking part in the Flash Photography festival this year! I will be sharing a space with Adriane Dizon and Robert Lowden at the Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba, at 245 McDermot Avenue. My pieces will focus on the theme of Autumn.

“FLASH is Winnipeg’s First Annual Photographic Festival. Each October the city will see photographs on walls in cafes, shops and galleries; giving a venue for established and emerging artists. Founded in 2014 The Flash Photographic Festival educates, demonstrates, and illuminates.”

The gallery will be open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Join me and the other artists on ‘First Fridays In the Exchange’ is this Friday, October 2nd, 5-9pm for our opening night!

Check out flashfest.net for more information.

From the road – aspen forest

During family vacation, I was lucky enough to sneak away for some photography in Jasper National park. There are many in this series that I love and will post soon, but here’s a quick peak at my favourite shot!


Aspen Forest Sunset

Wanderings Show Opening!

I’d love if you could join me for the opening of my new show, Wanderings! Enjoy some great photographic art, good company, and tasty snacks.

Opening Reception: Friday, June 6, 7-10 pm.
Show Run: June 6-July 6. Monday – Friday, 9-5 pm.
ViewPoint Gallery at PrairieView School of Photography, 2nd floor 464 Hargrave St.

This is a collaborative effort between myself and two talented colleagues, Tristan Fast and Bram Singleton. I’ve been working with them at PrairieView School of Photography for several years, but this is the first opportunity we’ve had to show our work together. Inspired from our various recent travels, Wanderings will showcase a variety of landscape-based work, including my new series: Flotsam.

Stay tuned to the Wanderings Facebook page for more details, including announcements about special opening night prices on art purchases (including online purchases) and sneak peeks.

Hope to see you there!


Art Opening Invitation: FMP Showcase at aceartinc.

Last year, I was fortunate to be one of eight emerging female artists accepted to participate in the 2012-13 Foundation Mentorship Program (FMP) through MAWA (Mentoring Artist’s For Women’s Art). For the past year, we have shared our creativity, art and many experiences, and have chosen to celebrate our group with a showcase of work developed while participating in the program.

Please join us at the opening of the FMP Showcase on Friday, October 25 between 7-10pm at aceartinc. You’ll be treated to new work in a variety of mediums from painting, prints and photography, to video and mixed-media. Snacks will also be served.


The FMP Showcase is presented by: Sasha Amaya, Janessa Brunet, Amanda Damsma, Elise Dawson, Sarah Hodges-Kolisnyk, Megan Krause, Gerry Oliver, and Natasha Peterson. These mentees have spent a year under the guidance of four established and internationally-exhibited female artists and mentors Aganetha Dyck, Val Klassen, Lisa Stinner-Kun, and Suzie Smith.

The exhibit runs until October 25 – November 8 at aceartinc. (290 McDermot Ave., 2nd floor)

MAWA has supported women visual artists through mentorship, education and critical dialogue. The Foundation Mentorship Program is a year-long program in which senior artists share their experience and expertise with developing artists in a peer-support learning environment.  It is designed to help women in the visual arts develop skills and define their decision-making philosophies, and to provide access to the information, resources and support they need to realize their goals and build their practices.

Autumn has arrived


The breeze whispers with smoky musk, the sun hangs low, and the evening air brings a flush to my cheek…must be my favourite time of year! Despite busy fall schedules, I snuck in a visit to Little Mountain Park this week and let my lens loose on the riot of colour. Enjoy.

All images are available as fine art prints. Please contact me for details.


autumn art photograph

autumn art photograph


autumn art photograph

autumn art photograph


Autumn art photograph





Fog Photography: Inside a Cloud

As some of you know, I had the great pleasure to travel and photograph in Nova Scotia last month. Here’s a sneak peak at some images. I can safely say it’s the first time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph while inside a cloud!

Location: the peak of  Cape Smokey along the Cabot Trail.

Prairie print promotion!

In honour of my latest exhibition, “Grain Exchange“, I’m offering 15% off any prairie-inspired fine art prints. But order your images soon! This offer will only last while the exhibit is on. To order, view the prairie image gallery.

“Grain Exchange” lights up the night

Hodgepodge Creative is lighting up the Exchange District!

"Grain Exchange" runs for the month of May

Last night I launched (with the help of my skilled handyman hubby) a brand new installation project at the corner of Waterfront Drive and Bannatyne. The project is part of the Exchange District Biz’s Pop Up Art program and will be displayed here for at least one month.

The images are printed on a new medium to me, a semi-transluscent paper that glows beautifully when backlit, sometimes called Duratran. It’s a material often used in advertising boards, but rarely used in the city to print photos. A big thank you goes out to Chris at PhotoCentral for trying out and perfecting printing on this excitingly different paper. To make the project work, we spent a few weeks perfecting the printing process, then I cut giant “framing mats” out of foamcore, mounted the prints behind, and hung the whole assembly in the windows. It’s lit from behind with a simple worklight, but has an effect far from simple!

The images glow as if lit up by the sun…which I hope makes viewers feel like they’re standing in prairie field. Here’s my complete artist statement for the project:

At the turn of the last century, the Exchange District was known as the centre of North American agricultural trade. Agriculture was indeed responsible for much of Winnipeg’s commercial and architectural boom and in fact, a key reason for the development of our city from the beginning.

These glowing, backlit images were created in fields near Winnipeg and are meant to invoke the sights, smells, and feelings of a sun-soaked rural Manitoba field. I hope to connect the viewer to the farm without actually leaving the city, while also referencing our agricultural roots and metaphorically showing agricultural as the “beacon of light”, so to speak, that it once was to this neighbourhood. 

 Want to see more? Please take a drive or walk by the building, especially at night to get the full effect! These images are also available as fine art prints for a limited time promotional price.

And if you own a business or organization that would like to feature this or similar images next, please let me know.

My images featured at the corner of Waterfront and Bannatyne

Double Exposure: Impatient Love

This image uses a technique called Double Exposure. It basically means that I shot two images on one piece of film. In this case, it was an image of hosta leaves and an image of a red impatient flower.

I LOVE doing double exposures, because it opens up the creative process for me. I always said “I got into photography because I can’t paint” (which I’m trying to change, with art classes). But some time ago, I realized that a camera is simply a different kind of tool for me; just like a brush, I use it to create a unique interpretation of the world around me. I’m finding that, more and more, my work is reflecting this abstract, emotive approach to photography.

Because I’m never quite sure how a double exposure will look until I’ve developed the film, it also brings an element of serendipity into my work. I particularly love this image because it features two of my favourite colours and my favourite flower (impatients.) The image does make me think of love…but the explosive, super-saturated version of “first love”. The title is a bit of a play on words, referencing the name of the flower, but also a song I love by local roots group Twilight Hotel. You can check out their tune, Impatient Love.

Now, you photo buffs out there may be saying “hold on a minute…why do you shoot double exposures on film? Why not just combine two images in photoshop?” My answer is that I’ve tried, and it simply doesn’t look the same. When working on double exposures in photoshop, I find that I tend to focus way too much on the look of the image…on things like matching up the shapes and lines, rather than focus on the meaning and emotion behind the image. Plus, I find the subtle changes in tone just aren’t the same with digital.

And for all you analogue photo buffs: this was shot on Kodak Ektar 100 film.

Buy this artwork! Double Exposure: Impatient Love is available at the upcoming Art 4 All auction (read more about it) or you can buy it through my online art store.

HodgePodge at the WAG…

Come out to the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s “Art 4 All” auction on April 26th, and you might just see a familiar image up on stage.

I’m excited to announce that my image, “Double Exposure: Impatient Love” will be featured in the live auction at the event.  Learn more about this image in this recent blog post.

Hope to see you at there!

Family portraits, three styles

Well, this past Easter weekend saw ALL my family together for a lovely dinner celebration (thanks Jen!) Before we all retired to the couch to recover from too much turkey, we decided to mark the occasion with a family portrait.

Take 4 siblings, four married couples, two “helpers” (thanks Greg & Marianne!), one self-portrait, one great grandma and one extremely tired baby and put ’em together in a tight space for an hour with some hot studio lights… *whew!*

…and this is what you get. Yup, pretty blessed to have such an amazing group of folks to call my own.

F/action: an artistic photo collective

Big news! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been invited to join F/action, a collective of fine art photographers here in Winnipeg. Not only do I get to work with some fabulously creative  local artists, I’ll be participating in group shows and other events. Stay tuned for information about our next show!

In the meantime, find out more about f/action. Take a minute to visit the galleries and bios to learn more about the other artists. Also, here are some images I shot recently on a photo field trip with fellow f/action member Gabrielle Touchette.

Snow Motion Classic: Event Photography Winnipeg

In my books, crisp air, sunshine, and the excitement of a race makes for a perfect Sunday!

event photograph: Snow Motion Classic 2012

I had the opportunity to photography Skijor and Kicksled races at Birds Hill Park yesterday. If you’re not familiar with these sports, check out Snow Motion Winter Dog Club. All images from this race will be available to racers for purchase on Friday. For now, here’s a sneak peek!

Event Photograph: Snow Motion Classic 2012

The action was fast paced, giving me a change to practice some Shutter Speed techniques. Stay tuned for an instructional blog post later this week.

Event Photograph: Snow Motion Classic 2012

Thanks to some of my PrairieView School of Photography students for braving the cold and helping photograph the event. (Have I mentioned that I teach Creative Imaging for professional diploma program students at PrairieView School of Photography? )

Event Photograph: Snow Motion Classic 2012

Event Photograph: Snow Motion Classic 2012

This shutter speed technique, called panning, creates a feeling a speed.